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We are an established company and our director owns two playful Cockerpoos.

Zig is a black lady and Zag is a white boy.  Zig is a quiet loving lady who is a bit of a hippy at heart.  She can usually be found madly chasing a ball or laying upside down having her tummy rubbed.  Zag, her younger brother is very much a playful boy at heart, he loves nothing better than stamping in muddy puddles, getting very dirty and then curling up on his mummy's lap!  They are both gentle souls and the center of my life.  In the summer months we hitch up my caravan and spend weeks exploring new beaches and country parks.  Winter is spent curled up in front of the TV.

We have a Facebook page (SoWaggy) and Instragram page (SoWaggy) where you can see our recent posts.